MilCloud 2.0 authorized for Impact Level 5

Nine months after the Department of Defense awarded a potential eight-year, $498 million contract to CSRA for the next iteration of milCloud,  the Defense Information Systems Agency granted CSRA a DOD Provisional Authorization Impact Level 5 for milCloud 2.0.

IL 5 authorization allows government users to hold unclassified national security systems, high-sensitivity systems containing controlled, unclassified, information as well as mission-critical Information in the cloud.  DISA rolled out the first version of milCloud in 2014 as a government-operated private cloud with both classified and unclassified versions.

Operated by CSRA, MilCloud 2.0 includes a self-service cloud portal for real-time provisioning and management in addition to scalable deployment environments based on application requirements.  Customers can also select from a joint pool of resources in an on-demand basis and tailor their virtual environments to meet mission needs.

“For the next 60 days we will be working with our early adopters to fine-tune our business processes,” Caroline Bean, DISA milCloud 2.0 program manager said in a statement. “The next step will be to open the doors for business to everyone else who is waiting to onboard. Our target is early May.”

CSRA is launching milCloud’s provisioning portal, which gives customers continuous monitoring of their usage and a cost estimator tool to help them estimate cloud computing costs in real time. 

On March 6, DISA also announced Oracle has received DOD Provisional Authorization IL5 for its federal cloud managed service offering.  The Oracle platform is a hybrid platform-as-a-service model that allows for shared service zones in a community cloud and individual zones for federal customers.


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