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USDS and GSA seek identity proofing solutions for login.gov

The U.S. Digital Service and General Service Administration’s Technology Transformation Service launched login.gov in early April to enable citizens to use the same username and password to access public services across agencies. Now TTS is asking vendors to submit quotes under a multiple-award blanket purchase agreement for proofing methods and data sources so the single sign-on program can move toward universal coverage.

“The intent with a multi-award contract is to provide a broad base of contractors who the government can work with to have the highest proofing rate for an agency population,” the Dec. 18 request for proposals dated stated. “Each order may help support different population subsets including traditionally underserved populations and the data from those order will inform our planned proofing rate vs actual and allow for iterating.”

According to the solicitation, GSA is looking for vendors that can provide services related to identity resolution, and verification of addresses, government IDs and accounts such as banking or utilities. Additionally, vendors should be able to use behavioral analytics – monitoring identities over time, locations, patterns of use, attribute changes through device fingerprints and IP addresses – to spot potential fraud and provide those analytics back to login.gov as indicators.

Interested parties must be able to provide these proofing services through an application programming interface, already have an existing commercial software product, deliver monthly status reports or a real time dashboard and be able to export all reports and transactional logs in .CSV format.

Responses are due by Jan. 18.


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